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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  November 25, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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to us. thanks for watching, i'm paul gigot, i hope to see you next week. ♪ ♪ leland: when they return to capitol hill from thanksgiving holiday next week. high on the agenda tax reform and progression through senate but avoiding government shutdown and also raising spending limits for federal agencies like the pentagon will be vitally important and a major point of contention. the clock is quite literally tick to go get it all done even ticking really through the weekend. we know the president is working on this as we speak, welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters, great to be with you at home, i'm leland vittert. >> i'm laura ingraham.
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president trump vow to go deliver tax reform to americans before christmas, he will head to the hill on tuesday to meet with congressional leaders to deliver on the promise. paul is tracking this live with more on this, molly, still a lot of daylights and so what happens now? >> hi, laura, the senate will work on tax reform legislation next week and if a bill passes, it will go to conference committee to hammer out compromise. republicans are determined to reconcile the two bills. >> the president has exerted tremendous leadership throughout this process. he's been out front, the executive branch has done their part. now it's just a matter of us getting together, the two chambers getting together and working differences and putting a bill on the president's desk. >> democrats not convinced, the
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house bill, quote, not good public policy, would take too much money away from government and may result in funding cuts to some government programs. >> so if we had to shrink it down, talk about top priorities, what would they be? >> real quick, laura, let's hear from a democrat talking about their side of the issue and moving forward with the -- with the house bill at this point, how it's going to reconcile, let's hear from congressman geramendi. >> will lead to program cuts because there's an extraordinary deficit that is created by this tax cut that's underway both in the house and senate. >> the senate could vote on its -- its version of tax legislation as early as thursday, top priorities overall for congress, there are a number of them, here are a number of top items, avoid a partial government shutdown by passing a spending bill that funds the
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government after the current one expires on december 8th, there are other spending bills that also are waiting for congressional approval. in addition, tax reform and tax cuts, we talked about that, also immigration, funding for president trump's border wall around how to deal with so-called dreamers, illegal immigrants brought as children. president trump will lead with leaders of house and senate on tuesday and separately meet with senate republicans on tuesday to press for his legislative agenda before the end of the year, laura. >> i jumped ahead of you a little bit there, thanks for putting it all bag together for us, a lot to digest and look ahead and look at what's about to happen. thanks for keeping track in washington. >> thank you. leland: we have seen the president takes hands on approach in negotiations specially as it relates to possible government shutdown. that meeting with the so-called big four, mcconnell and shuimer
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from the senate, ryan, pelosi from the house could be instrumental, to talk about alan smith, alan, great to see you as always. last time republicans walked away humiliated and chuck and nancy walked away with a big w, could it happen again? >> you couldn't rule it out? the president has a good rapport with nancy pelosi and chuck schumer going back todays before he was a politician. this time around you can expect things to be different. a lot of stuff is coming up in the very immediate future. there are a ton of things the white house needs to be working on right now and very limited time. leland: at the same time pelosi and schumer, though, still have some cards to play, though,
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right, specially considering that the government shuts down it will lie at the feet of republicans, that's something they want to avoid and maybe or maybe not speaker ryan specially and for that matter the senate, have enough votes to fund it? >> yeah, that's the thing. the cards that the democrats will pull is try to get some sort of daca resolution done in the spending bill. we know that republicans don't particularly want to do this, they want to separate it from that. so it's going to be interesting to see how those negotiations go. president trump could possibly be swayed to include such a fix in the spending bill for the sake of getting this done and being able to move on and complete tax reform. leland: if he goes ahead and does a daca deal that you just put together and explained and doesn't fund the border wall, how politically toxic is that for his brand of republicanism? >> well, you can be sure if the wall is not funded any strike of
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daca deal will get huge backlash from sporters on the end of the right. whether that hurts him long run, it's yet to be seen. if he can sell it properly, it could win a lot of support. leland: supporters rallied around him when he made the september deal with chuck and nancy that certainly upset a lot of republicans, his base stayed with him. where does this go from here and how does this play into the tax reform debate especially considering you still have a number of hold-outs on the senate side, jeff flake among them, john mccain, bob corker, susan collins a question mark u how does the government shutdown play into it? >> well, look, you have a huge meeting going on with trump and senate republicans on tuesday, this is proceeding his meeting with the majority and minority
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leaders, so that meeting would be critical to hammering out what the approach will be for funding the government in addition to president trump trying to sway a few members on tax reform and very important is going to be trying to sway people like senators bob corker and jeff flake who have not seen eye to eye with the president recently and have concerns with the bill and president trump is going to put aside some of the personal differences if he want to properly sell them on passing this legislation. leland: one might imagine it would be a perhaps interesting conversation with senators corker and flake considering their past barrages back and forth. we will tie all of this together, nobody know it is math better than the republicans, they saw how it completely fell a part on health care three times in the senate, publicly republican congressmen and republican senators are saying, we have this, this is going to happen, more that be units us than divide us. how worried are they privately
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that this won't happen and are they trying to build any safety nets or other types of contingency plans if it doesn't happen? >> privately there are people worried if this goes through or not, as you mentioned before, republicans are confident that this is a core element of the conservative brand, they have to have agreement on tax reform, the biggest problem they are facing obviously the slim majority in the senate, the senate has been, you know, because of the fact that there are no democrats who are going to be able to come on board with this, seemingly come on board with this, they have to get every single member to essentially vote yes and there are members on a wide spectrum of ideologies in the republican party who are on the fence about certain things and coupled with that, they have to make sure they can get it done before the alabama senate election because they are taking a sure vote in luther strange and they are going to be exchanging for democratic doug jones or republican roy moore who we know might not even end up getting
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sat in the senate or might not be in favor of tax bill as is, certainly not luther strange. leland: they seem to have at least publicly given up on that right now. alan, i appreciate your time, really interesting conversation. thank you. >> thank you so much. leland: good to sew you, speaking of republican senators, john thune joining chris wallace. exclusive interview on fox news sunday, tax reform along with avoiding government shutdown, two topics up for discussion, check local listings or fox news sunday tomorrow. >> sexual harassment taking down major figures from capitol to hollywood.
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several women came forward of accusing him of miscan you believe the, senator al franken issuing apology while alabama senate candidate roy moore continues to deny allegations of misconduct despite similar stories from several women. it is a lot to keep track, marian, live in los angeles, what's the latest, marian. >> hi, laura, resolution in the house is meant to get lawmakers' attention specially after sexual harassment to al franken, groping and unwanted kissing, senator franken issuing another apology after two women came out with accusation, i have learned from recent stories that in some of those ebb counters i crossed the line for some women and i know that any number is too many. the house resolution is aimed at driving that point home, ranking member robert brady of the
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committee of house administration, quote, we cannot tolerate any discrimination or harassment in the workplace and we cannot have a system that protects offenders, the committee will vote on the resolution next week, analysts are expecting it to pass. they are still wondering why it's taking so long to implement. >> it's amazing that congress is a, just now doing this and you have to tell members of congress, most successful people of our society not to grope people with whom they work. >> now, it seems like a no-brainer that this should pass but we will have to wait till next week to find out results. >> there's other allegations of prominent figures. >> lawmakers are not alone in this storm of sexual harassment accusations. just last week prominent news anchor and host of cbs this morning charlie rose was fired and had honors and rewards
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rescinded, pbs, bloomberg terminated contract with rose and the roy moore campaign plagued with sex abuse allegations but moore still maintaining his innocence will hold a rally on monday, it's going to be the first one since november 16th where reporters were told not to ask any questions about the allegations. laura. >> all right, live for us in los angeles, good to see you, marian. thank you so much. >> good to see you. leland: we are learning a lot more about the isis attack against an egyptian mosque. now more than 300 dead, 305 total killed including 27 children. over 100 more injured when islamic militants came in off-road vehicles, bombed the mosque and used automatic weapons to fire on worshipers as they ran for their life, amy kellogg following, hi, amy. >> hi, leland, they either bombed the mosque or set off a
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series of grenades and opened fire, the point was to strike incredible terror in the hearts of worshipers and then the 30 terrorists, the team of these guys who started it off in the mosques were waiting, laying shooting at people as they tried to escape or balances as they try to ferry the wounded to hospitals, they even set cars on fire to prevent people escaping or rescuers arriving, most of the worshipers sofies, disdained by isis, this is the first time a muslim place of worship has been targeted by e ship gain terrorists. clerics have been beheaded in senai, very tribal. sits between the sues canal and gaza and egypt. radicalism has spiked over recent years and even technically in a state of an emergency, muslims must be
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buried within 24 hours of death so victims were layed to rest today, nobody has claimed responsibility today but one isis flag was found in the vehicles used by the terrorists, the stories of survivors are just chilling, people falling in a stampede and then being crushed as bodies fell upon them. many muslims around the world have voiced their horror and their discuss at what happened. >> it's very sad, it doesn't represent islamic principles or islamic fate. islam doesn't allow anyone to kill or anyone to harm. >> egyptian army air strikes have been carried out. according to the government to attackers' vehicles. possibly different approach to be tried, keep doing what he's been doing, this leland, the worst terrorist atrocity in
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modern egyptian history, the second worst being in 2015 when islamic militants set off a bomb in airplane carrying russian tourists from senai back to russia. there are three days of mourning now ahead of us in egypt as they try to come to terms with this extraordinary tragedy. leland. leland: si-si doubling down, he's going to confront terror with brutal strength, what that means a little bit later in the show. amy, thank you, laura has more. >> the u.s. navy now identifying the men lost at sea after military plane crash, what we know about the two sailors and the navy officer, plus, lawmakers on capitol hill work to go fight sexual harassment but will legislative efforts make a real difference, we are going to take a look at that debate. >> you shouldn't have to have a course on this, you know should better what al franken has done and things that former
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leland: we now know the names of three service members missing after a military aircraft crashed in the philippine sea
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earlier this week. we have pictures as well including that of one of the pilots on board of that plane. they were heading to the uss ronald reagan when transport plane went down. american and japanese crews a thousand square nautical miles before they called off search and alerted members that their loved ones had been lost at sea. >> big subject here, lawmakers taking steps to tackle sexual misconduct issues. two house democrats and two republicans now cosponsoring the bill that would require antiharassment training for all staff members, the senate passed a similar measure earlier this month, here is the question, is it enough for real change or is it an empty gesture? joining me now chief strategists for ted cruz and robin.
1:21 pm
welcome to you both. let's start with you, jason, an issue that's urgent enough for members to come together to get a working plan on paper but doesn't it seem like there should have been training going on like it is for so many other workers in america, is it surprising that we are here at this point? >> pretty remarkable. another thing if you go back and look at the office of compliance which will actually assuming this legislation passes which given the fact that it passed unanimously in the senate, we would expect the same in the house, if you look at office of compliance, it didn't even exist before 1995 and it was a established after republicans won the majority in '94 campaigning on the contract with america which was largely a campaign to usher in reasonable reforms within congress and specifically to get ethics issues under control.
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>> robin, the fact that it has taken so many stories of alleged sexual assault, discrimination, to bring this issue front and center it's disheartening on one hand but encouraging that efforts are being made right now, a lot of people making that note, all members, congressional steps, intern fellows are trained in voluntary basis and the proposal would make it mandatory, again, i will ask you, do you think this is going to be enough, do you think this is the right move, you would think that poem would know not to do the right things? >> laura, you think it would be, common sense knot to do these things but it's not, problems day after day with new allegations popping up every single day. i want to point out that today is the international day for the elimination of violence against women, so i'm really glad that we are having this discussion. it's long overdue. they proposed this legislation, it needs to have teeth, must do mandatory. as a veteran u.s. army ranger, congress did a crack-down six
1:23 pm
years ago, you remember the military has a big problem with sexual assault and sexual harassment claims and congress made it mandatory that we received training. what's good for the goose is good for the grander. >> many people agree with that. thank you for your service. a lot of people don't know about the slush fund. first listen to what republican congresswoman from virginia said this week about taxpayer money being use today pay off sexual harassment claims. >> no funds to pay for harassment. mandatory training. in fact, the speaker has said that is a mandate, that's in place and we need to upgrade those policies, they need to be uniformed the way they are in
1:24 pm
private sector. we need to have something victim's council so they can come forward. >> jason, a fund that pays for this. >> correct. and as we now know 17 million has been paid and we as taxpayers who fund that fund, that hush fund, if you will, don't even know who the -- the alleged perpetrators of the sexual assault are and you look at the fact that the senate passed very quickly as they should have the sexual assault mandatory training and yet did not include provisions to get rid of this fund or at a minimum make it open so that those of us who are funding the fund will know who has committed these acts, it's ridiculous and i believe as we go forward into
1:25 pm
2018 if they do not change that, if they don't get rid of the fund, if they don't stop believing that they live by one set of rules and we live by another, there's going to be real consequences in 2018 on both sides of the aisle for all incumbents. >> right, robin, as we follow the storyline of republican candidate roy moore who is under so much heat for sexual misconds against him, where do you see this going in the next two weeks, 29 senators, have called for him to leave alabama senate race, what do you think is going to happen, last question, last answer? >> it's any one's guest. the voters will decide. i know the claims are old but that doesn't make it right, donald trump himself said that he believes the man who -- taking him on his word but the choice up to voters whether or
1:26 pm
not they believe what roy moore is saying that this did not happen. i still believe the accusers. >> jason, real quick, what do you think will happen with moore? >> sure, moore got a very, very good gift right before the president departed from the thanksgiving holiday when he said repeatedly in ruth to marine one that roy moore had denied these allegations and so, you know, at this point i think that he's weathering the storm and exactly as just was said, every one in the national media, all the pundits have opinions but at the end of the day, this is a decision for the voters of alabama. it's a decision that they and they alone will have to make it. >> jason, robin, thank you very much for your time. thank you for being here. leland. leland: president trump returning to washington tomorrow from the thanksgiving holiday. so how much arm twisting would he need to do to get tax reform
1:27 pm
passed and avoid government shutdown? plus egyptian president says they will confront isis terrorists with brutal strength but will it be enough for possible civil war in the critical country in. >> if trump administration is serious about this, i would recommend that they go back to state department and look at what they are doing and back fully the si-si government so that he can do what needs to be done. i've been thinking. about thinking. i mean, think of all the things that think these days.
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>> well, president trump will return washington tomorrow after spending the thanksgiving weekend in florida. they'll be a lot on the president's plate when he gets back including tax reform, future of daca and now a new feud with time magazine. bill keaton following it all from west palm beach, florida, what is the president up to today? >> well, the president is back at his winter white house, 2 miles from here in mar-a-lago, palm beach after having spent six hours at his trump international golf club here in west palm beach and since he's been home, president trump has done what he has done from here every single day, send out tweets, the first one today happy small business saturday, a
1:33 pm
great day to support your community and america's job creators bishoping locally, last night trump tweeted this jab at time magazine, quote, time magazine call today say that i was probably going to be named man person of the year like last year but i would have to agree to interview and major photo shoot and i said probably is no good and took a pass, that's anyway. here is former trump campaign manager corey lewandowsky on "fox & friends". >> why should we be surprised. the mainstream never wanted to give the president the credit ha he deserved. the stock market is through the roof and i don't know who else would be the time magazine of the year other than our president donald trump. >> last year the year of 2016 time magazine did name donald trump man of the year, of course, was the year of the big campaign and his big election, back to you.
1:34 pm
>> next week is all about tax cuts, right? >> yeah, ten months into the presidency, president trump really still looking for a huge legislative accomplishment and that would force tax cuts, major campaign promise, next week focus on big tax package. tuesday for the first time trump will join fellow republicans for their weekly gop policy lunch which you can expect will be focusing on the senate passing its version of the tax cut and tax reform bill. that same day trump will also host the big congressional for leadership at the white house and they will prioritize figuring out how to revert a government shutdown next month, december 8th is the deadline, they will at least need to come up with a short-term budget extension because on december 8th, money runs out. >> all right, phil keaton, thank
1:35 pm
you so much, phil. >> thank you. leland: launching air strikes against terrorists behind friday's mosque attack, militants were carrying isis flags when they bombed a mosque in senai peninsula killing more than 300. rebecca grant, president of iris independent school, form early on staff with the secretary of the air force, rebecca, thanks for being here, appreciate it. >> glad to be here, thank you. leland: you might say colorful language, they will continue front militants with brutal strength, words are great, do they have the ability to back it up? >> egypt has an incredibly competent military so we have already seen some air strikes carried out, we are looking at what the footage looks like, precision weapon's attack, the egyptian army has been dealing
1:36 pm
with isis senai since 2011, we have seen escalation in the conflict this year but my money is on egyptian military to take care of this problem. i would not be surprised -- leland: you say your money might be on it, if they have the ability and they have u.s. weapons and a lot of them because of the peace deal with israel, the u.s. gives them a lot of weapons, they can't take care of a couple of guys in pickup trucks running around in the senai? >> they were quick to respond after the attack but tragically couldn't pick it up early enough. it's important that they were able to track the vehicles, they have sophisticated surveillance and intelligence and were able to track the vehicles back to the nest that launched them. leland: do you think it was their surveillance or the israelis? >> you know, it's hard to say if egypt had help and who was it
1:37 pm
from? there could have been other people helping them, yes, but no question there would have been some of the israeli -- sorry, egyptian senors -- sensors on the ground. egypt flies drones. leland: and that's really the question, vis-a-vis israel and broader security cooperation there, egypt is ally of the united states, certainly under al-si-si. israel shares more than 100,000-mile border, spreading into cairo or into tel aviv? >> we did see the tragic attacks in alexandria and the other city on palm sunday, so we know that isis senai wants to carry out
1:38 pm
attacks in egypt, they look to see civil war. egypt is a prize for them. 97 million people. they would love to get a foothold. not much of a chance. israel will do quietly to assist and make sure the isis threat does not spread further. we have reports about israelis helping to unravel some of the intelligence about possible isis laptop attacks, so it's safe to say, i think, we see cooperation among intelligent services, it's in everybody's interest worldwide to stamp out isis and prevent isis from making egypt their next battlegrounds. leland: what do you make of the fact now that as ises has lost caliphate essentially specially with the fall of capital of raqqah that they now become a little bit better in pr, ap with report that they are using these very slick graphics, they've gotten better in terms of their promotion even comparing jihadi's to movie figures like
1:39 pm
bruce willis in die hard? >> well, they are a despicable bunch. they are trying to capitalize on local insurgencies like senai, moves in africa. they want good-slick pr, all the more important we do what we can with the antiisis coalition to assist military whether that's egypt or so many other countries to make sure that isis can't get a foothold and can't resume operations. leland: and as you point out, there's a lot of governments who are more than happy to help egyptians on that. dr. grant, appreciate it. >> thank you. leland: good talking to you. laura. >> major terrorist leader from house arrest in pakistan. does that make our country less safe? our panel will weigh in on that. holiday shopping exceeding expectations this year. what that means for the economy
1:40 pm
and whether it's showing any signs of slowing down? >> this is a really important jumping off to see how we will do throughout the rest of the season and the numbers have been good so far, great earlier this week and great on thanksgiving day, great black friday, i think we will continue the momentum. h? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. so rich. i love it. that's why you should be a keurig man! full-bodied. are you sure you're describing the coffee and not me?
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. >> when they say there's a freight train coming, never good idea to try to cross the tracks, here is the video brief. took the twain a quarter mile to stop, there you can see the result of the car, get this. the man inside the car expected to survive. according to police, cody has serious but not life-threatening injuries, 28-year-old accused of fail to go yield at railroad crossing last night. could face criminals charges as well as they keep investigating this crash.
1:45 pm
>> holiday shopping getting off to a strong start with no signs of dying down any time soon. you've probably seen this even out in the stores on black friday alone consumers spent 33 billion, yes, with a b, dollars, that's 4.8% from last year. that means we are already topping analysts expectations, here to talk more about this incredible trend nicky is the president of investment management. he joins me now from dallas, hello, welcome to you. well, it's all great news to retailers, right, big box, mom and pop, online retailers, sounds like this year could be the strongest holiday season, i was reading since 2014. what do you think is helping with the incredible upswing in shopping is this. >> well, there's three things that are helping us right now, first of all, consumer confidence is highest level in ten years, we also have wage growth and disposable income growth and after a long period of declining wage -- declining
1:46 pm
wages, you know, this is something that's putting more money in pocket, we are a little more confident, also the unemployment numbers are at the lowest level we are seeing this century. more people are working and more money and more confident. that's translating into better holiday sales. >> you see the lines too. we have the report of black friday sales, what about cyber monday, how big is that these days? >> cybermonday has lost some of its importance because of how fast cell phones are now, you know, in the past people would wait till they got to work to do shopping because they wanted employer's high-speed internet, now cell phone is just as fast as employer's computer, so that's going to be dispersed over the holiday shopping period, but, yet, good sales on cybermonday and i expect it would be above estimates as well. are. >> probably. how are retailers using extra
1:47 pm
day of shopping between christmas, it's 32 days in between, we have one more day of shopping than last year, how are retailers using the extra day? >> well, we have an extra day but also christmas falls on monday where it fell on sunday last year so we will have an extra day plus we will have that additional day in the weekend to shop, so for people that are procrastinators and wait for the last moment, i think they will see good bargains if they wait that long but the retailers are talking about their inventories being just right so there may not be much on the shelf, so you probably have to take out and get best deal rather than wait for the end of the period. >> good piece of advice, tips for consumers to get the best bang for their buck at this point. >> well, the thing that i tell everyone is the first thing you need to do is establish budget. you don't wanting to in debt buying holiday gifts, decide
1:48 pm
what you're going to buy and what you're going to spend on for the different people in your life and make a shopping list, don't go shopping without your list. you know, retailers have things on sale but those are traps to get you in the store so you'll make impulse buys on more expensive things so don't bust your budget and don't try to buy gifts for loved ones, simple thoughtful gift is more important than just going out and spending money on things that people don't need that will break your budget overall. >> for wall street journal is estimating 164 million people plan to shop this weekend. a lot of that will be done in stores. if you do want to brave the could you -- crowds, any suggestions? >> so important to go ahead and do online shopping first because if you see something on sale, you don't really know if that's the best price or not. go ahead and do some shopping, be a smart consumer but also try to buy something locally if you
1:49 pm
can from one of your local stores. you have to be a smart shopper but if you can support local business, do that as well. >> absolutely. thanks so much for being here. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend. leland: laura, do you have your christmas tree yet? >> yeah. leland: you're ahead of the crowd because there's a nationwide shortage. we will tell you how you can beat the shortage. small business saturday, what does that really mean, the best ways small businesses are competing with the big box stores. >> the retail side this is the super bowl. you're looking to make connections with the consumer, with your client so that connection can go on and on and on and word of mouth is powerful t type 2 diabetes. so you have type 2 diabetes? yes i do. true or false...
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>> you may want to pick out your christmas tree a little earlier this year. nationwide shortage has business owners scrambling to find enough to meet demands. estimate predicting there could be, listen to this, a million fewer trees than previous trees on the market. >> it's been the roughest year i've known since i have been
1:54 pm
doing this, since my dad got in the business since 1965. a lot trying to stay above water. it was scary. i thought it would be end to 65-year tradition. >> wow, experts are blaming the 2008 recession saying that because it takes trees about ten years to go, we are feeling the effects of farmers who closed up shops. good thing we have artificial trees. leland: we both cheat, fake trees. the president on twitter not talking about christmas trees but promoting small business saturday, day when local merchants highlight how they can compete with big boys, if not with price, might be something else. bryan when's on that in queens on this small business saturday, so maybe not huge markdowns, bryan, what are they offering? >> hi, leland, opened since 2013, they're offering people loyalty points.
1:55 pm
neighborhood smile and really things like reading books and they are teaming up with local coffee shops to have people come in, share a drink and talk about book, doing everything they can so people can start contributing more to local business, small business saturday started because of the recession. american express helped found this back in 2010, 40% of the jobs were from small businesses, they have been putting the word out to make sure you go on your block like your bookstore and just buy anything to help them out. this is what lexy says, she's the owner of book shop here. >> it makes the neighborhood come alive. you don't have to go outside of the neighborhood to do your shopping and buy books and whatever else you need. >> as you can see from the crowd, lots of people do buy books in person but to depend on
1:56 pm
people needing a book every day is not enough to pay the rent. you have to give them excuse to come in and sometimes it's small business saturday or reading with local author or weekly kids story time or workshop that is we host. >> all of this is really getting the word out there. what a great day for all of that, leland. leland: all right, bryan llenas. >> absolutely. it is just exploded for black friday and we know that people are doing it here today too. leland: plus some places offer free gift wrapping. new hour coming up.
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>> a fox news alert. lawmakers are trying to capitol hill monday after their thanksgiving break. republicans do check marked off of their lengthy to do list. they have less than the least of it all done and not legislative win under present crop. hello firm to a brand-new hour of "americas news headquarters" experience and pathogens including washington north using a government shutdown. of course tax reform will try to jumpstart the proceedings by have lunch with republican leadership on tuesday. have a highly anticipated senate vot


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